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"Veil" Video
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Tribal Belly dancing involves dancers working together as a group ( Tribe).
A contemporary Belly Dance style based on improvisational and  choreographed dancing .
The group  dynamic is ever evolving with rolling solos, duets  changing the patterns, truly organic.
Following the front dancer , the leader, all other dancers are positioned to see her.
Through combinations of steps and cues the dancers learn a non verbal  language allowing them
to dance together , moving in their circle of dance .
Finger cymbals(zils) can be used as well as Live Drumming in some routines.
Fusion of colour and costume with influences from different countries incorporated in the look and
dance style, evokes a feeling of group spirit and sisterhood within the group dancing together.
The troupe performs at selected venues, festivals and celebrations
throughout the year.  Members can elect to be selected and promoted for
these performance.
What is Tribal: